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Now hiring outstanding and creative technicians, postdocs, scientists and PhD students.

You will join an international multi-disciplinary team focused on developing the next-generation of cancer immunotherapies. Unique opportunity for individuals interested in patient impact, working at the forefront of translational immunotherapy, oncology, biotechnology and entrepreneurship. Lab members will have abundant opportunities to learn new skills, work with world leaders through multiple international teams, develop their careers and pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

Now hiring at all levels:
(apply or contact directly)

Techniques employed:

  • Immunopeptidomics

  • Phage Display

  • Protein/Antibody Engineering

  • Library development

  • CAR T engineering

  • TCR engineering

  • Genomics and NGS

  • Cell and Molecular Biology

  • Immunological Assays

  • Computational Biology

  • Structural Biology

  • Single Cell Technologies

  • Molecular Technology Development

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