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Mark Yarmarkovich, PhD

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor - NYU School of Medicine

Dr. Mark Yarmarkovich is focused on developing safe and effective cancer immunotherapies through innovations in biotechnology. He has worked in industry at Genentech and completed his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and postdoctoral work with John Maris at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, working across a number of disciplines including oncology, protein chemistry, immunology, and computational biology, applying these experiences to addressing the major challenges in developing the next generation of immunotherapies. He has led the development of new technologies for the discovery of tumor-specific targets and the engineering of target-specific receptors. He has discovered novel immunotherapy targets derived from previously undruggable oncoproteins and engineered CAR T cells capable of specifically killing tumor cells. He led the discovery of cross-HLA recognition of Peptide-Centric (PC)-CAR T cells, allowing for significantly expanded application of immunotherapies. Collectively, the application of his efforts has resulted in a PC-CAR T cells entering first-in-class clinical trial in pediatric neuroblastoma in 2023 and a pipeline of PC-CARs being additional cancers. His work has led to the formation of two companies and his lab is focused on developing the next generation of immunotherapies to help cancer patients in need. 

Additional team members will be posted shortly

Collaborations and Funding

The Yarmarkovich lab is part of several international teams focused on developing the next generation of cancer immunotherapies.

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